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Beautiful, Healthy, Natural-looking nails!

En Vogue Sculptured Nail Systems–

A true breakthrough product – the avant-garde of artificial nail technology, based on up-to-date polymer science. Specifically designed to be odour free and and have zero toxic impact, the gel nails are completely non-porous, guaranteed to never yellow and always maintain their natural look.

More than any other artificial nail system, En Vogue Gel Nails combine a light, natural look and feel with exceptional resiliency. They are designed to be flexible and strong while imitating the shape and density of your natural nail. You will love all of the benefits!

Odour-Free ~
En Vogue gels do not release odour or harmful vapours.
Non-Toxic ~
Neither client nor technician need fear any toxic impact from the product.
Non-Porous ~
The gels in our system are non-porous and seal against fungus and mold.
Non-Yellowing ~
En Vogue nails guarantee the total natural look without yellowing.
No Primer ~
No potentially aggressive chemicals that could harm the natural nail.

“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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About Angie

Deborah Regan of Kelowna Nails

Angie Alcorn has a genuine love for nail artistry and prides herself in listening to the needs and expectations of her clients to deliver high quality, beautiful Nails worth raving about.

Whether it’s a new colour, classic french, nail repair or sparkle for a special occasion … Angie will make it happen. All of her work is fully guaranteed!

You can check out Angie’s work on Facebook and Instagram.

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